::: Vision and Mission|| G B College :::

Vision and Mission

Vision of the Institution

·         To be world class education services provider turning distant possibilities into today’s reality.

Mission of the Institution

·         To achieve our dream of an educated world through continuous innovation, dedication to quality and provision of compassionate and aordable education services.

·         To advance knowledge through teaching, scholarly research and scientic investigation.

·         To promote the cultural and social life of society.

·         To foster a capacity for independent critical thinking amongst its students.

·         To support and contribute to the realization of national economic and social development.

·         To educate, train and retain higher level professional, technical and managerial personnel.

·         To promote the highest standards in, and quality of, teaching and research.

·         To promote gender balance and equality of opportunity among students and employees of the College.

·         To aract the most talented, educational, scientic & supportive staff.